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New York

New York City:: Landscape Photography
2009/2018 photo collection
Music by LP – Lost On You [Live Session]
Photography by Savaq


Amazonas, Perú.

My favorite playground. The best way to become more environmentally conscious is at the core of nature.

Waterfall Gocta. Amazonas, Perú.


Gothic Church (Symmetry)

Barcelona, Spain.

Royal Bathroom

Alcazar –  Seville, Spain.

Sagrada Familia Gothic Church

Barcelona, Spain.


Painter, Landscape Photographer, and Designer, living in the colorful city of Saint Petersburg. Florida.
Influences: Surrealism, Post-Impressionist and Pop Art.
Acrylic, Airbrush, and Watercolor preferred techniques.
Self-taught + Graduated from the Art & Design school – Toulouse Lautrec. Lima, Perú. Collective Exhibitions with Art Aliens, Tampa, FL.


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Art at its fullest capacity makes us attentive. Art is important for human consciousness because makes us think; most of the time we confuse art with design and we rely on beauty art as the only type of expression (although we all want to experience beauty), but beauty is not the ultimate justification for art. If a colorful canvas, sculpture or any kind artwork in a gallery or museum moves you to attentiveness it is art if it doesn’t, it’s something else.

– Savaq