Mayor Tom, Unique ‘Huaco Bowie’, Guaco Bowie, Huaco Pottery Bowie, Bowie’s Universe, David Bowie Peru, Bowie Statue. LIMITED EDITION!!!


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“Fuel Your Inner Starman: David Bowie “Space Odyssey” Travel Mug”

Peruvian Huaco Bowie, Guaco Bowie, Huaco Pottery Bowie, Bowie’s Universe, David Bowie, Space Odyssey. LIMITED EDITION!!!

A couple of Peruvian friends designed this beautiful concept that I would like to share with all my Etsy followers. We introduce you the Peruvian ‘Huaco Bowie’. This beautiful LIMITED EDITION ‘Huaco Bowie’ is a tribute to Bowie music and all the fans he left in the magical country of Perú. We combined the Inca pottery style with a curated indigenous face with the famous Bowie flash graphic design idea on the little Inca face. Our Peruvian artisans have created ONLY 2 Huaco Bowie’s. Our initial plan is to work on 20 more and keep it as LIMITED EDITION.

Coming Soon!

Part of the Huaco Bowie idea is to paint two white Huaco Bowie’s with an original design. Each painted Huaco will come with an original signature and UNIQUE colorful art design over the pottery.

Huaco Definition: Huaco or Guaco is the generic name given in Peru mostly to earthen vessels and other finely made pottery artworks by the Indigenous peoples of the Americas found in pre-Columbian sites such as burial locations, sanctuaries, temples and other ancient ruins. Huacos are not mere earthenware but notable pottery specimens linked to ceremonial, religious, artistic or aesthetic uses in central Andean, pre-Columbian civilizations. The Huari, along with the Nazca, the Moche and others, were among the major creators of figurines who passed down through history their unique skills in ceramics. The Incas, who absorbed all the cultures in the time of its expansion, also produced huacos.