” St. Petersburg’s beloved Pelican into one captivating, harmonious creation on cotton paper.”

“St. Petelican.”

Acrylic on Canvas

“Mickey and Snoopy”

This artwork is a combination of two acrylic paintings that were edited using Photoshop. The main painting depicts Snoope’s journey to the Moon with Artemis, and features David Bowie in the eye. Additionally, a small section of the painting originally prepared with Charlie Chaplin and Mickey Mouse is included.

Gallery-grade print. 100% cotton paper.


Life is an ever-unfolding journey, filled with a tapestry of unpredictable experiences. It’s a symphony of possibilities, forever weaving its melody in our existence. Instead of dwelling too heavily on the uncertainties of the future, let us embrace the serendipity that life often presents. For within the vast expanse of existence, we possess the remarkable ability to reshape our paths, to embark on new careers, discover new partners, traverse new cities, and perhaps even seek solace in foreign lands. Amidst the bustling chaos of the world, there are moments when solitude becomes our guiding compass, leading us towards inner tranquility. It is in those precious pockets of silence, where the noise of society fades away, that we truly connect with ourselves and the vastness of the world that surrounds us.

Gallery-grade print. 100% cotton paper.

“Mind in the waters”

Consciousness is a mystery, and mystery is something that people don’t yet know how to think about. Our brain and its complexity create a multi-universe difficult to understand. Philosophers, psychologists, and scientists are still trying to learn and discover this “Collective Unconscious” and “Unified Field’, that give us the potential to create, perceive, enjoy sunsets, write melodies and poetry. This energy connects us with the core of our being and the universe.

Gallery-grade print. 100% cotton paper.

“St. Petelican”

“St. Petelican celebrates the beauty and cultural significance of three renowned masterpieces, combining Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, the historic St. Pete Pier, and St. Petersburg’s beloved Pelican into one captivating, harmonious creation on cotton paper.”