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Oma Ziegenfuss

Indian World View

“Black and White Dancing Swan”

I am honored to represent Oma’s paintings in Florida. A German-Guatemalan artist with magnificent and mesmerizing artwork that many art lovers could enjoy in the ’60s and ’80s in Europe. No more of his paintings were exhibited or information was published about this extraordinary artist after the ’90s. Today, with the help of Mani and Scott, we have joined forces to show the world Oma’s art. Oma’s artwork shows a philosophical symbolism and deep conversation between artists and spectators that make us think and talk to our souls in each of his paintings.

Oma was very interested in human science and psychedelics. He did massive research experimenting and using hallucinogens obtained from Peyote and the San Pedro cactus from Peru, working together with Albert Hofmann. During his journalist career, Georg Schäfer (Oma) exchanged letters with Carl Jung trying to understand human consciousness. His biography is incredible, and you can find it on Wikipedia under the name of Georg Schäfer (artist). Oma received his Guatemala nationality from the poet-diplomat and Nobel Prize Miguel Angel Asturias, after WWII.

The first exhibition of 2022 in Florida was made in a collective art exhibition at Mastry’s Brewing Co. on NYE Masquerade Ball and Art Gala.

Georg Shäfer, Anglicized as “Georg Schafer” and “Georg Schaefer” a.k.a. Oma Ziegenfuss, Oma Ling Pa and (occasionally) Georg Shepherd, was born in Leinfelde, Germany on March 25th. 1926. He died on Jan. 11th. 1991 in Chatham, Mass. USA.


Oma Ziegenfuss


Those who come each other too near
Lost each other,
Those who go too far away
Lost the same,
So saved the middle, the center
Enough for a space in bowing,
To be not too near and Not too far,
To be there in tension
So tight like a tiger.

~ Oma Ziegenfuss

“Death Blossom Through the Question of a Child.”

Where? Where is going life… you MA, My Yuga MA in Kali’s iron time?
And her ancestor deep answer;
“Back to the hunger furrow mouth, out which all life comes…and she can close her empty yawning over cold graves, growing as grass in a rain of flower lips which cover her fangs…”
Open listen, the child, horrored in a hurricane of Hari Rama and falling back on earth as leaf,as life. To this digested truth, who eat who…
chewing as the cow, the ku, which knows the How, as Hari Krishna.
How to eat and bow kfor food which has given his life… the child find through his fine feeling hand a Snow White dog that God has sent through his powerful WOW.
That it has spoken as his DOG, his hound, his hand, in feeling to you.

~ Oma Ziegenfuss

“Deer Mother”

Oma Ziegenfuss

“Pa’s Look Over The Volcano”

Oma Ziegenfuss

“On The Way to Santa Catarina”

Shi shine tie dyed that Shiva blossom in a water color rain rivering the line of a tree seen out garuda’s wings and felt through a breathing lung from Atman’s In to Him. Shiva’s light and blossom is everything.

~ Oma Ziegenfuss

“Twilight – The Space Between”

Oma Ziegenfuss

“Rainbow Song”

Oma Ziegenfuss


Oma Ziegenfuss

“Looking Over Lake Atilan”

Oma Ziegenfuss

By Savaq


Digital Color / Black & White 

By Savaq


Digital Art.

Painting, Photography & Design


Painter, Landscape Photographer, and Designer, living in the colorful city of Saint Petersburg. Florida.
Style: Spontaneous Realism.
Influences: Surrealism, Post-Impressionist and Pop Art.
Acrylic, Airbrush, and Watercolor preferred techniques.
Self-taught + Graduated from the Art & Design school – Toulouse Lautrec. Lima, Perú. Collective Exhibitions with Art Aliens, Tampa, FL.


Collective Art Exhibition

@ Flying Boat Brewing Co.
August 30th, 2018

Collective Art Exhibition

@ St. Pete Artworks

ArtBreak & Brews Event

@Flying Boat Brewing Co.
June 21st, 2019

NYE Event

NYE 2021 Event
@ Mastry’s Brewing Co. 

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