About Savaq


“Life is an interesting journey, it depends on us if we can make this trip a great adventure.”

~ Savaq

Peruvian, living in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, FL. Traveler, creative and adventurous guy.

“As an artist, I channel my emotions, ideas, and experiences through the vibrant strokes of my brush. Painting is my means of communication, translating the complexities of human life into the colorful language of art. Through the creative process, I seek self-discovery and introspection, exploring the philosophical questions that shape our existence.

My work reflects a modern sensibility, always seeking new techniques and styles to express my vision. From dreamlike paintings to portraits and landscapes, I draw inspiration from the world around me and my own imagination. My signature thick brushstroke adds texture and depth to each piece, capturing the essence of the moment of inspiration. I believe this tactile quality is a defining characteristic of my art and invites viewers to connect with the emotions and energy behind each piece.”

I don’t think is fair for every single individual on this planet to live the rest of their life in the city and country where they were born. We have been nomads since our first steps as a modern human.

Surrealism, Post-Impressionist, and Pop Art are part of the artistic influences for the artwork. Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor are preferred techniques.
Self-taught + Graduated from the Art & Design school – Toulouse Lautrec. Lima, Perú.

Senior Art Director | Designer | Painter | Illustrator | Landscape Photographer | Art Instructor | Visual Philosopher

First Art Walk – SOHO, Tampa, FL +
Epicurean Hotel, Autograph Collection

Two Collective Art Exhibitions in November. The SOHO Art walk on November 5th. Epicurean Hotel until December 2022.

Torito de Pucara

Torito de Pucara. Peruvian Art & Craft color influence.


“Traveling is the only thing you
buy that makes you richer.”

Experimental Art

When creativity escapes from my canvas.


Machu Picchu, Cuzco – Perú


Lima, Perú



Spontaneous Realism

Designer, Landscape Photographer and painter, living in the artistic city of St. Petersburg. FL.
Surrealism, Post-Impressionist and Pop Art are the part of the artistic influences for the artwork.
Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor preferred techniques.
Self-taught + Graduated from the Art & Design school – Toulouse Lautrec. Lima, Perú.
Collective Exhibitions with Art Aliens, Tampa, FL.

Art Exhibitions

  • Art Aliens, Tampa, FL
  • St. Pete Artworks, St. Pete, FL
  • Flying Boat Brewing, St. Pete, FL
  • Mastry’s Brewing, St. Pete, FL
  • Epicurean Hotel, Autograph Collection, Tampa, FL
  • SOHO Art walk, November, 5th, 2022. Tampa, FL

Art Instructor

  • ArtBreak & Brews @ Flying Boat Brewing, St. Pete, FL
  • ArtBreak & Brews @ Mastry’s Boat Brewing, St. Pete, FL

Past Art Shows

Looking for something Custom or from the Archives?

Commissions taken upon request

I’m always delighted to take on a commission for both public and private art. I accept both large and small-scale commissions from individuals and organizations.


St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Tampa Bay

Open Hours

Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm
Weekends: 10am – 9pm
Holidays: Closed